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Childhood Bullous Pemphigoid Following Hepatitis B Immunization

Züal Erbagci
Gaziantep University Medical Faculty, Department of Dermatology, Gaziantep, Turkey.
Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an acquired autoimmune bullous disorder which predominantly affects the elderly. It is very rare in children. There are approximately 50 reported cases of childhood BP. Although the cause of childhood BP is unknown, drug intake and vaccination have been incriminated in some cases. A total of 13 patients with BP (10 adults and 3 infants) have been described to be related to various vaccines and tetanus toxoid booster. However, no case related to hepatitis B vaccination has previously been reported. Our case of childhood BP developed one week after hepatitis B immunization in a Turkish caucasian child. This case suggests that the hepatitis B surface antigen can function as the triggering factor for BP by inducing a nonspecific immune reactivation which unmasks subclinical BP or by stimulating a specific antibody production that may cross-react with BP antigens.
key words: bullous pemphigoid; childhood; hepatitis B surface antigen; vaccination

Received July 3, 2002; Accepted for publication October 15, 2002
Reprint requests to: Dr. Züal Erbagci, Gazimuhtarpasa Bulvari Gecit 1. No: 1/5, 27090 Gaziantep, Turkey.

J Dermatol 29 (12): 781-785, 2002

Japanese Dermatological Association